• Overview
  • Loan & New
    Accounts Desk
  • ATM
  • Teller Line
  • Back Counter
  • Safety Deposit Boxes
  • Back Office

Far beyond mere teller line or back counter capture, our solution works everywhere across the branch. See how each component contributes to making paperless end-to-end:

  • At the desks

    Where branch and customer meet face to face

  • At the ATM

    No more envelopes, cash tickets or deposit slips

  • At the teller line

    Capture images of checks or create virtual cash tickets, general ledger items and deposit slips — at the point of presentment

  • On the back counter

    Speeds over-the-counter transaction processing for faster clearing and posting

  • At the safety deposit boxes

    Enhanced confidence and security

  • Throughout the back office

    Reduces risk and allows for faster loan/application processing

Our paperless solution eases complexity at the loan and new accounts desk — where branch and customer meet face-to-face, and accuracy, speed and satisfaction are paramount.

Here, paperless helps...
  • Reduce risk
  • Speed and increase loan and new accounts processing
  • Ensure compliance
  • Increase productivity and smooth workflow
  • Reassure and engage customers
How it works...
Electronic customer signature ...
  • guarantees authenticity, reducing fraud
  • increases compliance with Bank Secrecy Act and Patriot Act requirements
  • makes signature cards immediately available at all branches, for an efficient and enjoyable customer experience
Digital customer photo ...
  • prevents fraud and identity theft at the teller line
  • soothes customer anxiety around keeping personal information secure
Loan and new accounts automation ...
  • routes files digitally, not by hand, so documents get where they need to be — not held up on someone's desk
  • virtually eliminates misfiling and loss of documents
  • indexes automatically, with no keying — so errors decrease and associates' time is optimized
  • reduces multiple trips from desk to copiers, desk to printer, desk to fax, etc.
  • keeps an associate in front of the customer, for increased face-time, engagement and cross-selling
  • automates exception notices and speeds up the process
  • reduces wait time, easing customer anxiety and moving loans quickly through the process

Customers love the speed and ease of image-enabled ATMs. For the branch, the elimination of envelopes, cash tickets and deposit slips — and the gains in time, accuracy and efficiency — make ATM processing a green and paperless process.

Here, paperless helps...
  • Reduce waste
  • Speed deposits
  • Increase productivity and smooth workflow
  • Satisfy customers
How it works...
Automated check scanning ...
  • moves ATM images from the ATM to the back office for further processing
  • speeds customer time, enhancing the customer experience
  • virtually eliminates loss of transactions and processing errors
Centralized processing ...
  • reduces extra costs traditionally associated with ATM deposits
  • makes deposits instantly available at central location
  • eliminates the need for daily deposit collection

At the teller line and throughout the back office, the benefits of our solution are felt by customers and employees across the whole enterprise.

Here, paperless helps...
  • Speed deposit processing
  • Minimize loss
  • Increase productivity and smooth workflow
  • Ensure accuracy
  • reduce costs throughout the back office
How it works...
Over-the-counter document imaging ...
  • captures transactions at the moment they're presented
  • makes cash tickets, loan payments, checks, etc., instantly trackable
  • for audits, eases access and clarifies trails
  • reduces loss and error
  • reduces paper costs and need for transportation
Digital image processing ...
  • speeds images to the back office
  • aids in clearing and posting
  • extends deposit cut-off times, improving customer service
  • allows back-office personnel to focus on more value-add tasks
Fraud protection ...
  • flags potentially fraudulent items with the presenter still in the branch

Our paperless solution provides the ability to improve the overall speed of processing for over-the-counter work — along with the operational flexibility to meet a financial institution's unique processing requirements.

Here, paperless helps...
  • Speed transaction processing
  • Reduce transportation costs
  • Reduce back office staffing and equipment requirements
How it works...
  • balance at the branch, centrally, or a hybrid of both
  • support for various scanner models, speeds and pocket configurations
  • multiple CAR/LAR options to leverage existing tools and/or address specific pricing requirements
Control ...
  • detailed audit control
  • centrally-defined system options
  • tools to track work as it moves through the workflow
Reduced/controlled costs ...
  • eliminate/reduce cost of maintaining transports
  • reallocate back office personnel to more value-add tasks
  • reduce transportation costs

Tight security and easy access. At the deposit boxes, both are critical, both challenging. Our solution enhances security and reporting, while speeding access.

Here, paperless helps...
  • Guarantee identity
  • Improve reporting
  • Insure compliance
How it works...
Digital security ...
  • replaces paper access cards with electronic signature and photo
  • ensures customer signature accuracy via digital security key
  • eliminates misfiling
  • solves access-reporting issues

Regardless of where you're processing documents — in the branch or at a central location — paperless speeds and optimizes every aspect of workflow, reducing costs, freeing up time and reallocating effort to more value-add tasks.

Here, paperless helps...
  • Increase productivity and smooth workflow
  • Minimize errors
  • Reduce risk
How it works...
Automated document management ...
  • reduces manual keying
  • decreases risk of error
  • enables high-value allocation of employee time
  • links legacy applications
  • enables electronic clearing
Immediate document retrieval ...
  • makes archived documents available across branches
  • speeds loan approval and validation processes
Digital processing ...
  • eliminates manual indexing
  • increases efficiency ratios per employee for quick ROI
  • drastically reduces transportation costs
Digital recordkeeping ...
  • achieves absolute accountability
  • integrates all information for auditing
  • eventually eliminates physical storage
  • can expand strategically to Loans, HR, other departments


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